Zadig & Voltaire Logo

Lost Art and Zadig & Voltaire Clothing Store agreed on a joint venture in 2010, for Lost Art to create a collection of hats and belts in python snakeskin and leather to be sold in the Zadig & Voltaire boutique’s in Paris.  The Lost Art clothing and accessory pieces in the collection were sold out in first week of sales.


Lost Art created the costume for the X-Men movie character Sabretooth.  The costume was a leather jacket, fur armbands, fur shawl, and leather pants.  An action figure was created of Sabretooth wearing the same costume designed by Lost Art.

WIP Logo

Mural commission, Jordan Betten painted four columns in his unique spray paint style in New York City circa 2008


A Mural commission was ordered by  Sushi Samba Restaurant in South Beach Miami, Florida

Jordan Betten spray painted his unique characters on the interior walls of the Sushi Samba restaurant.


Jordan Betten painted a Eastpak back pack for charity, which was auction off in New York City circa 2012.


Lost Art created a costume for the 2009 movie Duplicity, starring Clive Owen and Julia Roberts.  Lost Art created a leather jacket with fringe for the film.

BikerBoyz Logo

Lost Art created costumes for actress Lisa Bonet worn in the 2003 film Biker Boyz. The costumes Lost Art Leather pants and Lost Art leather jackets were designed and hand-made by Jordan Betten in New York City circa 2001.


Lost Art created leather accessories and clothing for the Nine West campaign 2000.  The pieces were leather shorts and leather bikinis and leather armbands.

Anna Sui Logo

Anna Sui commissioned Lost Art clothing and accessory pieces to be made for her fashion runway shows and collection in the Fall of 1998, Summer of 1999, Fall of 1999 and in the Summer 2000.

Clothing and accessory pieces included leather pants, suede pants, fur jackets, leather jackets, guitar case and leather bags.

Art Bridge Logo

A Painting commission of a mural by Jordan Betten on 23rd St in Manhattan, New York.

Thierry Mugler Logo

Lost Art created leather wristbands for Fashion Designer’s Thierry Mugler perfume launch circa 2012